About Us

Everyone at KaMS is part of a community of independent learners who are Kind to themselves and others, Accept differences, Make Progress and seek growth, and keep themselves and others Safe.
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Together we create an environment where each student feels that they belong, makes academic and social progress, feels safe to make mistakes, and engages with their learning with confidence.

Kamiakin believes that students need to develop the academic and social emotional skills necessary so that each student will graduate prepared to lead a rewarding and responsible life as a contributing member of our community and greater society. Kamiakin believes that all students belong here. We value the following to help students grow.

 •  Academic growth through engagement, perseverance, and curiosity
 •  Personal characteristics of individuality, integrity, and responsibility
 •  Social characteristics such as acceptance, trust, inclusivity, and teamwork
 •  Equity and inclusion of diverse perspectives and strengths

 These values are supported by our mission.

MOTTO:  We come here to grow.


Kamiakin Feeder Schools

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ASB Fund Balance Reports
Associated Student Body (ASB) funds are raised by and for students. These funds are used for optional, extracurricular events that are cultural, athletic, recreational or social. These funds are not available for graded student activities that are part of the school curriculum.