Our mission is “student learning”, truly why we and your students are here! The heart of Kamiakin beats strongly and a feeling of family is pervasive.
To help us accomplish this, our staff norms center on communication and collaboration. We welcome your advocacy for your student and appreciate your help as we strive to provide the learning and success of each of our students. Voicemail and email will be responded to within 48 hours.
- Tim Patterson (Principal)



Greetings! I look forward to coming to school every day to be part of the amazing Kamiakin community. My core values include the belief that all students can learn and that education must involve a holistic perspective of student needs. I value inquiry, critical thinking, and collaboration in instruction, and I am passionate about working with community partners and our diverse families and staff to close our achievement gaps. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns about student discipline, athletics, school safety, ASB activities, special education, and/or student intervention systems. I love serving kids to help them set and achieve goals, prepare for a successful high school experience, and promote an inclusive and safe student culture.
- Elise LaMont (Associate Principal)