Student Government

  • The students of Kamiakin are governed by an Executive Board made up of five members and a Student Representative Council (SRC) comprised of an elected student from each grade level.
  • Through these groups students have input into the administration of school policies and procedures. These groups work to promote leadership, initiative and change through the student body.
  • Elections for Executive Board are held in the spring for the following school year. It has a three member board of directors and a secretary and treasurer. This group has the authority to make decisions on behalf of the ASB by means of voting at Executive Board meetings.

 2021-22 ASB Executive Board Application can be found here.

First page of the PDF file: Official_KaMS_ASB_Candidates_List_5_21_2021

ASB Card: 

By purchasing an ASB card you become a member of the Associated Student Body. The ASB card has your picture on it and also serves as an ID card.

Why become a member of the Kamiakin Student Body? Being a member allows you to participate in interscholastic athletics, join intramurals and clubs, and/or run for school offices. Having an ASB card also entitles you to a reduced charge for school dances, special events, and home athletic contests at Juanita High School. The cost of an ASB card is $25.00. If you need to replace your ASB card, the cost is $5.00.

Why is there a membership fee to join the ASB? The Lake Washington School District does not fund a school's activities program. This means that the students must raise the money to pay for clubs, intramurals, special assemblies, special events and interscholastic athletics including equipment, uniforms, transportation and officials. The money raised by the ASB card helps to pay for these activities.