ASB Clubs

ASB membership of $25.00 is required to join these clubs.

Honor Society

  • Honor Society at Kamiakin is a club based on service, academics, character, and citizenship. 8th graders who meet the GPA and other requirements are invited to join in September, and this year 7th graders who meet the requirements will be invited to join at the beginning of second semester.
  • We meet twice a month during Cougar Time where the student officers lead the meeting, talking about service hours, our group service project, and other responsibilities of members.
  • Students are required to perform community service hours throughout the year helping Kamiakin or the larger community.
  • Members are also expected to maintain a 3.5 GPA as well as be an example of positive citizenship and leadership.
  • For more information please contact - Kelsey Pollett (pictured left) OR Marcy Martin (pictured right)

Math Team

Do you want to improve your math skills?

We want you! Kamiakin has a long history of having a fabulous math team, and we want you to help us continue that tradition! Come join Math Team !

Math team meetings will focus on enrichment and problem-solving. Members work alone and in groups to strengthen their math skills in fun and challenging ways. You will learn to push yourself to look for patterns, think outside the box, and solve problems under pressure. If you are interested please complete the application and return it to Ms. Bergevin ( rm 129).

  • Math team will meet after school on Wednesdays (this is during LEAP time) from 1:30 – 3:00.
  • You need your own transportation home.

Parents : we would love to have you help us, if you can! If you are available to help and supervise after school on Wednesdays, please contact Julie Bergevin (pictured)

Our first meeting will be on Wednesday September 20th.


  • FCCLA (Family and Career Community Leaders of America) offers students the skills to promote personal growth and leadership development through competitions, community service projects, and culinary experiences.
  • Students will meet bi-weekly; during these meetings students will get to learn different culinary/ pastry skills by preparing an assortment of foods and desserts. (Students will also have the chance to compete in the Culinary Competition in January).
  • Another important aspect of FCCLA is the positive impact FCCLA has on communities nationwide, during the year students will use creative and critical thinking skills to create projects to make awareness of certain topics and raise money for organizations around our community.
  • For more information please contact - Gary Knowels (pictured left) OR Shiree Taylor (pictured right)