Season 1:        9/12/22 to 10/28/22

Practice is from 3:15 - 5:00 pm

Season 2:     10/31/22 to 12/16/22


M, T, Th, F  3:15 - 4:30

You will be able to choose what activity you want to do each day.  You do NOT have to choose one for the entire session.  In other words, it will be like an Open Gym

  • Session 1:      1/9/23 to 1/20/23

    • Pickleball, Badminton, Volleyball, & Basketball
  • Session 2:      1/23/23 to 2/3/23

    • Pickleball, Badminton, Volleyball, & Basketball

Season 3:            2/6/23 to 3/24/23

Intramurals:        3/27/23 to 4/7/23 

M, T, Th, F  3:15 - 4:30
  • Dodgeball and Basketball

Season 4:            4/24/23 to 6/9/23

Student Accident Insurance 

Student Accident Coverage with Myers, Stevens & Toohey program provides access to student accident insurance plans for voluntary purchase by parents/guardians. To enroll online, please click HERE. To request a brochure with more information, please email Ms. Elizondo at

Brochure links:


Dodgeball and Basketball  

March 27 - April 7


How to sign up for Sports

Registration is done online through Final Forms. Your information is saved from season-to-season, making the registration process quick and easy!  FinalForms sends an email to parents and students with steps to create a FinalForms account.  If you need assistance creating your account, please contact Final Forms technical support:

Final Forms Instructions

You will need the following information to allow for accurate completion of your online registration:

  • Basic Medical History & Health Information
  • Insurance Company & Policy Number
  • Doctor & Dentist Contact Information
  • Hospital Preference

To Register a Student, visit: 

Sports physicals are required

Sports physicals are required for participation in middle school sports. Pediatric doctor offices in our area are expecting more appointment requests for physicals in August, so it is a good idea to schedule your appointment early.

For more information, visit:

Physical Examination Form

See the complete LWSD Academic Eligibility Criteria (located on

Purchase an ASB Card- $30.00

All athletes must purchase an ASB card from the school at which they are participating in a sport prior to the specific sport season. Families that qualify for Free and Reduced meals, may be eligible for a free ASB Card and to have sports participation fees waived. Apply here. (Please note that parent consent to provide eligibility status must be checked on the application to waive fees).

To request a copy of your school’s Athletic policy, please email Ms. Elizondo at

Sports Fees:  $75.00 per sport      (Individual Cap: $150      Family Cap: $225.00)

Fees are collected on a per sport basis with both individual and family caps. The family caps will apply for brothers/sisters who attend the same school. Fees must be paid at the time of turnout and will be so noted on the clearance form approved by the school bookkeeper or secretary.

Online Payments with a credit card can be made using the LWSD Online Payments Portal. First time users will need to create a password, and if you need assistance logging in please contact

Families that qualify for Free and Reduced meals, may be eligible for a free ASB Card and to have sports participation fees waived.  This includes ASB cards, and athletic participation fees.

Please see the step by step instructions here:

MySchoolApps is the fast and secure way to apply for free and reduced meals online. You can complete an online application. Please visit

If your student qualified for free and reduced meals for the previous school year, then you must reapply by October 1 for the current school year. If you already completed an application and provided your consent to share your eligibility status (Part 7 of the application) and you qualified for free and reduced meals, then extracurricular fees will automatically be waived (will show as $0) when you go through Online Payments and select the extra-curricular activity you would like your student to participate in.

Depending on your stage in the process, please allow up to 10 business days for the fees to be waived in Online Payments after completing steps.

Intramural Sports Information Fliers

Registration - CLOSED

Here's the LINK to the Microsoft form to register for Intramural Sports.  Families can translate the Microsoft form using the drop down menu at the top right corner.