Elementary Band

Band Director:

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Typical Elementary Band
4th and 5th graders will take a bus to Kamiakin twice a week for morning band classes. ** You can be a 5th grade 1st year band student **

Depending on the transportation scheduling, classes are on average ~35 minutes. 

We have three formal concerts in the Kamiakin gym, typically in December, end of February, and June. Both 1st year and 2nd year bands each perform for friends and family. 

In September, Kamiakin holds an elementary Instrument Try-It Night. It is like an open house, where you can go to different instrument stations to test out the beginning instruments, with the help of knowledgeable middle school helpers. We have 1-3 music companies on site as well to rent instruments the same night if you end up making a decision. Kamiakin has a variety of school instruments to rent as well. 

Typical Schedule:  

•    Monday & Friday: 2nd Year Band Students (all instruments)
•    Tuesday: Flutes & Clarinets
•    Wednesday: Trumpets & Trombones
•    Thursday: ALL 1st Year Band Students (all instruments)

Instruments for 1st Years: Flute, Clarinet, Alto Sax, Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone, Percussion, Bass Guitar


•    Learn how to read music
•    Learn how to play an instrument
•    Learn how to build practice habits at home (work ethic)
•    Have a ton of fun with the same friends year after year
•    Studies over decades have shown students that take a instrument music class improve grades (many brain connections constantly in use)
•    Connects every subject 
•    Stick with it through high school, and it is a desirable asset on college applications. Colleges like band students because it shows that they can commit to something extra curricular for a long period of time, work individually, and in larger groups to achieve goals
•    Being in band can provide opportunities for travel 
•    Leadership, confidence, social skills, and much more!

Please let me know if you have any questions at all! 


Band Director, Kamiakin Middle School 

Phone: (425) 936-2400 ext. 54424


  • When do the band classes meet?
    • All band classes meet from 7:55—8:40 AM. Students should be at school by 7:45 AM to set up their instrument and be ready for class.  There are two rehearsals per week. 
  • Who are the instructors for the classes?
    • Ms. 
  • Where do the band classes meet?
    •  The elementary band classes meet in the band room (104) at Kamiakin Middle School. 
  • How does my student get to band and to their elementary school?
    • Students have two options to get to Kamiakin Middle School.
      • If they are within walking distance, they may do that. 
      • Drive or form carpools to get them to the middle school.  At the end of band classes, all students are bussed back to their elementary school (with the exception of Muir Elementary, where students walk back to school across the street)
  • How much class time will they miss?
    • Students should get to their school before the start of the school day and shouldn’t miss any of their class.  Teachers and principals are aware that they will arrive early and are very supportive of the band program.
  • What if my child misses a rehearsal?
    • Attendance will be taken at each rehearsal and absences will be reported to the student's school immediately following rehearsal.  Since we only meet two times per week, it is important for your child to be on time to every rehearsal.  If the student will be absent, please send an e-mail to Ms.                    to let us know.  This is important for Safe Arrival information. Also, band does meet on half days, but we do not meet if KAMS or your elementary is delayed or canceled due to weather concerns.
  • Are there concerts?
    • Yes, we have three formal performances each year. Each Concert: Student Call Time: 7:15 PM. Concert begins at 7:30 PM.
    • Concert Dates:                                       Please put these dates on your calendar now. All concerts begin at 7:30 PM.
  • Will band interfere with other activities?
    • Band is a fantastic opportunity for you and your family.  We know how busy students and families are and we are always proud to have accomplished athletes, dancers, actors and other interesting people sign up for band.  We try to schedule our rehearsals and concerts as sensitively as possible so students can still pursue their homework and outside interests.  Band is yet another way to become a well-rounded person.
  • What do we get to play?
    • Although there are many instruments in the Kamiakin bands, some are not suitable for beginners. Several of these are intended to be switched TO after one or two years on a similar instrument.  Beginners may choose from the following band instruments (brass, and especially LOW brass are suggested for those who are undecided.  All band directors LOVE to have more low brass players).
      • Flute (woodwind)        
      • Trumpet (High Brass)
      • Clarinet (woodwind)   
      • Trombone (Low Brass)
      • Baritone B.C. (Low Brass) 
    • Students who eventually wish to play percussion must start on one of the above instruments.  This allows us to better meet the needs of each individual instrument grouping and student, along with allowing us to better teach critical note-reading skills to all students.  We will audition interested students from these sections for percussion later in the year, after the second concert.  This also allows us to maintain proper balance between sections in the band.
  • What equipment does my child need?
    • Each student will need an instrument, the required accessories, a book, and a pencil.  We recommend purchasing a care kit. Ms. Currey will provide music folders.
    • The accessories include:
      •  Flute:  cleaning rod, and a handkerchief or soft cloth for cleaning (preferably silk)
      • Clarinet:  cork grease, a drop through style cleaning cloth, and a minimum of five #2 clarinet reeds.
      • Trumpet:  valve oil, and a soft cleaning cloth.
      • Trombone:  slide oil and a soft cleaning cloth
      • Baritone B.C.:  valve oil, and a soft cleaning cloth.
  • What book should we buy?
    • The band students will be reading music from a book called Essential Elements Book 1.   Please make sure that you purchase the book designated for your student’s instrument.  These books are available at all the local music retail stores (Music & Arts, Metropolitan Music, Kennelley Keys Music).  We will be writing in them so it's important that they have their own. If the stores run out, don't panic.  Your child can share for a while.  We use the same book all year, so there are no other books to purchase.
  • Where do we get an instrument?
    • Most students rent band instruments from local music stores.  The school has a few trombones and baritones that may be rented by paying a $100 maintenance fee. If you already own an instrument in the family for your child to play, please have it checked out by a repair technician or one of the band directors to make sure it is playable.  Please use a nametag on ALL cases.  For a quality instrument, we recommend buying or renting at an established music store. Please avoid instruments from anywhere you might buy grocery items. Poor instrument quality may result in your student’s frustration as many of those instruments (even new) arrive broken or are made unrepairable. If unsure, please contact us.
  • Beginning Band Info Night
    • Beginning Band Information Night will be held at Kamiakin Middle School on Thursday, Sept. 12 at 6:00-8:00 PM. Come get information, participate in the instrument “petting zoo” and you will have the opportunity to rent instruments and buy accessories and books at that time, too.
  • How expensive is it to be in band?
    • There are no charges for band other than renting an instrument, purchasing a few accessories, and obtaining the book we use in class.  Here’s an estimated breakdown of costs for a beginning band student:
    • Instrument rental – approximately $20.00-$30.00 per month Instrument accessories - $10-$20 per year
    • Book – approximately $8 per book
    • We do not want cost to be a factor in whether or not you join band.  If your family has financial concerns, please contact Ms. Currey.
  • Storage of student instruments
    • Students will take their instruments with them back to their elementary school classroom, and then bring them home to practice.  Regular practice will help each student experience success on a regular basis. Students who play baritone will use a school instrument while at school and their own instrument at home.
  • How do we get started?
    • The students will be seeing a demonstration of all of the instruments, hopefully within the first week of school, and should decide along with their parents what they would like to play.  Please complete the registration form on the district website.
  • All 2nd year, Intermediate players will begin their first day on Monday, Sept 23rd. Beginners will start Tuesday, Sept 24th.
  • Weekly Rehearsal Schedule
    • (beginning the week of Sept. 23rd)
    • Mon: 5th grade (2nd year students), full band
    • Tues: 4th/5th grade (1st year students) flute & clarinet
    • Wed: 4th/5th grade (1st year students) trumpet & trombone
    • Thurs: 4th/5th grade (1st year students), full band
    • Fri: 5th grade (2nd year students), full band
  • I don't have my instrument or book yet.  Should I still START band?
    • YES!  We can wait for your instrument or book to show up but there's information you need from the very first rehearsal.  Please show up even if you're empty-handed
  • Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
    • Ms. 
    • e-mail: 

The Lake Washington School District provides group instrumental music instruction for all 4th and 5th graders.  The goals of this program are to introduce the student to performing music on an instrument, working within a group of other musicians, and help them progress to performing groups at the Middle School and High School level.  The Kamiakin Middle School Elementary Band Program has been very successful for several years, and we hope you and your child will choose to take part in this exciting and beneficial program.