ASB Fundraiser

ASB Fundraiser:

It’s that time of year again and our Associate Student Body (ASB) has planned a fundraiser to meet many different needs of Kamiakin students. ASB funds are student money that can support anything within KaMS that falls within CARS (Cultural, Athletic, Recreational, or Social in nature).

Yesterday, your students received a fundraising 9x12 envelope with detailed information about what we are fundraising for and I would like to encourage to talk with your students about some of the creative ways to fundraise. There are two main turn in dates, but you are also able to turn in checks or cash into the fee window during lunch or before or after school. The main turn in dates for students are Tuesday, Sept. 24th and Thursday, Sept. 26th.

This year we will have many different incentives for students who participate, but these are the main ASB incentives:

      Cougar Time classes that raise over $1,000 get a doughnut party.

      Cougar Time classes that raise over $3,000 get a pizza party

      The winning GRADE who raises the most money will get an ice cream party

      Any student who brings in at least a penny can participate in the Fun-A-Thon on Friday, Sept. 27th.

With this year’s fundraiser, we hope to raise as much funds as possible for the following KaMS ASB needs:  Athletic Busses for transportation to games - $15,000 of $30,000, Bike Racks - $600, Picnic Tables - $2,200, Track Uniforms - $5,000, Benches for outside -$ 1,250, Lunch time activity equipment - $2,000, all clubs - $1800, New gym PA system - $900,  KaMS Leadership Program - $750, Athletic contingency - $1,400 of $2,500, Athletic Officials - $1,400 of $3,000, Digital Reader board in gym - $1,500, End of the year activities - $6,000, and many other ASB sponsored clubs, athletics, and activities - $6,300.

If for any reason you do not want your student to participate in this fundraiser, please contact Ms. Becky @ and include your students name, grade, & cougar time teacher in the email. If you have any questions about the fundraiser, please contact our ASB advisor Mr. Burrow @ Once again, thank you for all and any support you can contribute because it really makes a big difference for our students here at Kamiakin.