Donations for the ASB Fundraiser can also be made online.  https://payments.lwsd.org

Directions for Portal Payments



We now take credit card, but please realize that the card must be present to pay for items or fees.

You can also pay with Cash, Check, or online. Please bring checks payable to: Kamiakin Middle School to the fee window (off cafeteria) during lunch or before & after school. If you have any questions, please contact our bookkeeper Ms. Elizondo at 425-936-2400 or by email relizondo@lwsd.org.  To purchase online, visit https://payments.lwsd.org/   (masks are not available to purchase online).

Donations for the ASB Fundraiser can also be made online.  Directions for Portal Payments

  • Class Fees and ASB

  • PE T-Shirts - $7.00 

  • Masks

Masks can be purchased at the fee window only (not available to pay online)

Student Masks  Athletic Masks Larger Masks

3 ply cloth masks with 3 logos to choose from!

$5.00 including tax

Limited quantity, can be purchased by those participating on a Kamiakin Team.

$6.00 including tax

This mask is a little wider with a Nose Bridge and adjustable ear loops

$7.00 including tax

Student Masks