Please note if you wish to purchase something noted below, we can only take Cash or Check. Please bring checks payable to: Kamiakin Middle School to the fee window (off cafeteria) during lunch or before & after school. If you have any questions, please contact our bookkeeper Ms. Elizondo at 425-936-2400 or by email relizondo@lwsd.org.  To purchase online, visit https://payments.lwsd.org/   (masks are not available to purchase online)

Class Fees and ASB

Pay with cash, check, or online.

PE T-Shirts

$7.00 - Purchase with Cash or Check at the fee window, or online.


Purchase with Cash or Check at the fee window only

Student Masks  Athletic Masks Larger Masks

3 ply cloth masks with 3 logos to choose from!

$5.00 including tax

Limited quantity, can be purchased by those participating on a Kamiakin Team.

$6.00 including tax

This mask is a little wider with a Nose Bridge and adjustable ear loops

$7.00 including tax

Student Masks








Sales are currently closed, but you will have the opportunity to pre-purchase again.  Check back for more information.

Spirit wear

Coming Soon